Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool's Day

 I don't think I've ever really gotten into April Fool's Day, but when I saw this idea online, I just had to do it!
My office is HUGE on treats. We bring them for any excuse. So this morning I put this pan in the break room. Then I walked by every one's office and told them there was "brown E's" in the break room. ;)  Some were quite disappointed, others laughed, and even a few asked to take some of the "brown E's" home to their families for dinner.
And it wasn't a complete disappointment in the break room. Like I said, we bring treats for ANYTHING. We had a new employee start today and even she knew to bring treats. So after laughing at my "brown E's", they dug right into the other treat.

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Jessica said...

Allred's Amazing Maids told me about this when they came to clean our office after yours. ;) I saw one other person on Facebook that did this as well. Cute idea!