Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cowboy Kits

Last August, the Idea Closet came out with a kit that said Welcome on it. I'm real funny about the word "welcome". I don't understand why people feel like they need to have it as part of the decor in their home. If I let you in my front door, that means you are welcomed. If I meet you on the porch, well, most likely that means my house is a mess and I don't want you to see it.

I loved the look of the kit, but I just didn't think it was me. So I showed it to Josh to get his opinion. Mostly, I was hoping he would say get it, so I'd have an excuse to buy another kit that I really probably don't need. But I love doing them so I keep buying them.

When I showed it to him he said, "We need more cowboy stuff in this house." I totally agree. But I don't like the "old cowboy" looking stuff. I don't want to dedicate my house to old country stuff. I want cowboy stuff, but I also want it to be hip and chick. Does that make sense?

The Idea Closet doesn't have any cowboy kits, so I started to scheming. These kits are so easy to do, I should be able to do them on my own. I drew out the welcome kit and then tried to figure out how to personalize it into a cowboy style. In my plans, all I kept was the blocks. Any cowboy words I could think of, I either had too many blocks, or not enough. So then I added a second welcome kit to my plans.

 I can't remember which words I came up with first, but I think I ended up two or three extra blocks.
Well, I couldn't have that, so I thought of one more word and added a third welcome kit. I had one extra block, but I thought of a purpose for it too.

When the kits came I got to work. I recut all the paper using my favorite Close to My Heart Paper, Sarsaparilla. Then I used my western Cricut cartridge to cut out new words and also some cute embellishments.

Then I set the kits aside to work on other projects, and kind of forgot about them.

Then last week, I wanted a girls night, but we really didn't have anything to do. I suggested bringing these kits and getting them finished. We ended up doing our Easter cupcakes instead. So on Tuesday night, I went to Jessica's and she helped me get my cowboy kits finished.

 That extra block I had, I used it by making up a cowboy hat to go on it. ;)

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. And Josh is just tickled to finally how some cowboy decor in the house. :)


Jessica said...

I think you did great coming up with these on your own!

Elizabeth and Brian said...

Perfect for you two!

Kara-Jane said...

What awesome decorations! I love them! And they are extra special because they are not a kit...