Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

Last weekend we went to Jessica & Andrew's house and colored eggs with them and Kim & Brandon. I haven't colored eggs in YEARS (before I was married). I forgot how much fun it is.

Between all of us we had several different kits that included:
Neon Colors
Tye Dye
and Golden

 The tye dye kit was harder to work with and only the very first egg turned out well. We tried a few after that, but they weren't as good, so Josh and I didn't tye dye any eggs.

 The upper pink egg was from the golden egg kit, you had to paint them. The bright pink egg on the bottom, was from the neon kit, I put it in the cup and then forgot about it.

 The camo eggs were fun. I did the purple and pink one and Josh did the green one.
For dinner, Jessica cooked lasagna that was super yummy. After we finished our eggs, we of course played Wii. ;)


Jessica said...

You guys ended up with some cute ones!

KT said...

Those are some bright eggs!