Thursday, April 28, 2011

15. Post a bit of your last AIM conversation

I think this is a really weird thing to blog about. :p But for some reason, when I chopped up the list, I left it in, so I guess I'll do it. I do a LOT of chatting with on bestie online. But she just got a new foster care placement, so we haven't been able to chat much lately. If she catches me online today, she'll probably remind me I promised to bring her a few things for this placement. (Its in my car! I'll try to get it to your mom today. Or Saturday. Or at least soon!)

Then I also do a lot of texting with my other two besties. Which is kind of weird, because I didn't join the texting world until about 9 months ago. So here is a bit of the last texting sequence I had with one of them yesterday.

Me: "I can't remember, do you have the Gettysburg quarter?"

Her: "I'm pretty sure I do. I still need Mount Hood for 2010 though."

Me: "I have my Mount Hood but its the only one I've ever seen. I'll keep watching for one for you."

And yes, both her and I are pretty good and not becoming lazy texters. We spell things out and use capitalization. Not that I can claim I always use proper grammar, but I try. I think texting is a damper on the learning of the youth.

For example, one day while chatting with a particular young man (aka, my youngest brother) he said "dugh". Dugh? I thought about it for a minute thinking it was a texting thing. I know LOL and BRB and a few others, but I had never heard dugh before. So I asked him. I can't remember how the conversation went after that, but in the end, he had meant to say "duh". Which is kind of weird, because texters usually shorten words.

But my point is, that texting has made people lazy. These texters are starting to grow up and turn in resumes. Oh my. There are no words. Mainly because you're not sure what half of their words are. 

And that is why I didn't start texting until recently. And I only did because I wanted to be able to get a hold of people when they weren't online.  On a side note I just did spell check, texting is highlighted and blogger doesn't know how to spell it. :p And yes, dugh is highlighted too.


Jessica said...

To tell the truth I didn't know what AIM stood for, but I googled it and now I know!

Savannah said...

I wasn't sure what AIM meant either, but I figured I'd just go with my last conversation that took place through technology.