Sunday, April 10, 2011

April's City Trip

With the weather getting warmer, we've been talking about our city trips again. Last year it seems we went every 4 to 6 weeks and we're hoping we can do that again this year.

Earlier last week, one of the gems in my ring fell out (I was pretty upset), so I started pushing to go this weekend so I could drop it off for repairs. Maybe when its finished in a few weeks we can go again. ;)

Kim wasn't able to go with us, so it was just Jessica and I this time. Despite the nasty weather (snow in April, enough is enough already!), we had a great time. 

Just before I left the house, I decided to get online for a minute and browse through facebook. Halfway through, I learned that Richard Paul Evans was having a book signing in South Jordan that afternoon. I hurried and called Jessica. She hadn't left yet, so she was able to grab some of her books so we could meet him and have them signed. We were able to get there a little early so the line wasn't bad. He signed two books for her and then gave her a book plate for his newest book. At that point, I didn't own any of his books yet, so I didn't have any signed. But it was still fun to meet him. I've been hooked on his books since Jessica picked one for book club. 

On our last few trips, we haven't been able to make it to the Quilted Bear, so that was a priority yesterday. I think we spend half of day there. I found a few things that I just had to have. 

The DI was the highlight of my day. Usually Kim and Jessica find awesome stuff and I'll maybe buy a thing or two. But this time I bought a basket full of stuff. We have learned to take our time in the book section. There isn't much organization to it, so you just have to slowly scan through the books. We went through the book section twice because we found so much. I have enjoyed some of the authors from book club so much, that I want to buy their books. Yesterday I found 2 books by Dorothy Keddington and 4 books by Richard Paul Evans. (If only I had found those before the book signing!) Actually, we found one more book by him, but it was in pretty sad condition so I decided to not get that one. 
I came home with 9 books total!
"The Last Promise" by Richard Paul Evans 
(That is one of my favorites and the one I would have gotten signed if I had it then)
"The Letter" by Richard Paul Evans
"The Locket" by Richard Paul Evans
"The Christmas Box Miracle" by Richard Paul Evans
"Shadow Song" by Dorothy Keddington
"The Mermaid's Purse" by Dorothy Keddington
"The Three Gifts of Christmas" by Anita Stansfield
"A World Away" by Anna Jones
(I already own that book, but I really like it so I got it as a gift for a friend.)
"Shadows at Dawn" by Karl Jacoby
(It looks like a western, so I got it for Josh)
I also got a cute soup bowl, a sunflower for my kitchen, a strawberry place mat for Josh's grandma, and two baskets. I can't wait to go to the DI again. :)

Another fun stop was Sur La Table. Earlier this week I got one of their emails and it had products for grilling. I saw these grill grids and feel in love. I can't wait to try them out. 

Deseret Book was our last stop of the night. Michelle Paige Holmes just came out with a new book and I just had to have it. While I was there, I bought three other books. Rebound was on sale for $2.99!

I love our city trips and can't wait to go again. 


Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

I am in NEED of a new "Mermaids purse" I need to remember to look at DI the next time I go. You found some great deals! You in good shape for books till you go pick up your ring! hehehe! Were your roads nasty? We went out the week end before and had way nasty roads coming home on Sunday.

Jessica said...

We'll have to go to another RPE book signing soon and get more books signed!