Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10. Something you’re thankful for

I'm grateful for my husband, but I talk about that all the time. ;) I'm grateful for the way he loves me, the way he takes care of me, the way he comforts me. My life would be nothing without him.

I'm always grateful for all of those things, but as we celebrate the one year anniversary of his job, I'm extremely grateful for that. With the economy thet way it is, he previous job had slowed to about nothing. He'd be lucky to work a few days a month. Luckily, I have a good job, so we were able to survive, but just barely.
Josh kind of stumbled onto this job opening. One day we came home and there was a message on our machine. It was his grandpa, he'd heard about a job that he thought Josh would be interested in. But that got pushed to the back burner because we were scared of change.

A few days later, was a bad day at work. Josh was pretty miserable with his job, which made me miserable, which made us miserable. Not a good combination. He came home and told me he was ready to quit. So I got online and pulled up job search. The first job we looked at was the same one his grandpa had called about earlier that week.

And the rest is history. We emailed a resume THAT night. They called the next day to set up an interview. The interview went well the following night. Shortly after the interview, we were shopping in Walmart, Josh ran into them and they told him he was hired. He started 2 days later.

In the same line of thinking, I'm also grateful for my job. I'll have been with them 5 years this coming May. Which translates to, its been almost 5 years since I QUIT my last job. There are so many reasons I'm glad I still don't work there. The company I work for now is a thousand times better, for so many reasons. Three day weekends, insurance, retirement plans, I actually GET a lunch break, etc.

Life is great when we both have jobs that we love. Recently I told Josh that I used to have a small list of wants, but no money to buy them. Now I have a long list of wants and just need to pace myself.

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KT said...

I am at a job that treats me very badly; I would classify it as verbal abuse most of the time. I continue to send our resumes. I know one day I will find something, but everytime they take advantage of me, I wonder should I just quit...life is too short (but life without a paycheck is not fun).