Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting big and moving out

Ally has LOVED being a mom. Twelve weeks old and she still lets them nurse. Most cats ween their kittens at 6 weeks, but I don't think Ally cares that they still nurse.
Sleeping with Zipper.
I think Bullet is trying to silence Buddy.
Friday was an emotional day for me. I called Classifieds and advertised the kittens. I only advertised 3 of them because Melanie and the boys were going to take one. After I hung up, I bawled. Then a minute later my phone rang. It was my father in-law. He was pretty sure Barb wanted one of the kittens too.

That afternoon Melanie and the boys came up. The kittens all hissed at them. I had told Melanie Buddy was the calmest but when we asked Preston what kitten he wanted he told us "The orange and white one." Well, first he said Zipper, which Josh said he could have. But then he choose Honey. I will love Preston for that forever. I have been so heartbroken about giving up Buddy. I wanted to keep him, but if I couldn't, I wanted my nephews to have him. When Preston choose Honey I knew I would be keeping Buddy. :)

Then last night Barb told us she would take Bullet and Lewis. I'm so glad I found such good homes for my kittens. Of course no one spoils cats like I do, but I couldn't have chose better homes for them.

I was worried that Honey would keep hissing and scratch the boys, but Melanie said he slept with Preston the first night and even purred. I'm so jealous, they have never purred for me, they only purr when they are nursing.

So here is a few more pictures of all the kittens. After that, it will be just Buddy.
Buddy helping me set up the wireless Internet.
Buddy still sleeps in the quirkiest positions.
Ally taking a break from being WILD with the kittens.
When Melanie and the boys were ready to leave, we couldn't find Honey. That is when we noticed he was hiding under the wood stove. We didn't even know they could get there.

There is Honey hiding.
And Buddy hiding with him.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad all your kittens will still be in the family so to speak!