Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bubble Bath

Hot water - Check
Bubbles - Check
Good book - Check
Curious kittens - Check

I wasn't feeling well on Monday so that afternoon I decided a hot bath might help. Ally and Buddy spent most of the time on the edge of the tub looking in. It was so cute that on Tuesday I decided to bath again just so I could get some pictures. 

Playing with (and eating) the bubbles.

 I think this is when Ally remembered she had fallen in the night before. It was pretty funny.  I was worried about Buddy falling in, which he almost did. I think he's know learned to jump to the edge and look in before jumping in all the way. Towards the end of my bath on Monday night he had tried to walk the entire edge of the tub. The edge against the wall is really narrow so I stopped him. A few seconds later Ally must have decided she could walk it because she fell in. 

1 comment:

Meka said...

Hehe! My cats love sitting on the ledge when I take baths! Key usually dips his tail in and doesn't even notice!