Monday, September 6, 2010

Because I like to post LOTS of kitten pictures

Lewis continues to earn his name as the explorer. Now that he can get on the piano, I think its time to admit there is NO place the kittens can't get to.

The kittens move a lot while napping. These were all taken during the same nap.
It seems they are never sure just what is the most comfortable position in a nap. :)

They are also discovering the joy of sunbeams.

Lewis is playing with death here. I can't believe Pyro let him touch her let alone sleep by her.
Honey joined in on the dangerous nap. A few minutes later Buddy showed up, that is when Pyro got mad and left.

They keep knocking the stuff on my shelf down. Here is Lewis taking a nap in the bottom of my cake decorating stand.

I don't have a picture, but they can now get up to the 3rd shelf of the book shelf. They've tried to get to the fourth, but I keep a lot of stuff on the higher shelves, so mostly they manage to pull a lot of the stuff off and then fall off themselves.
This picture of Zipper just cracks me up.


Desi said...

That one of zipper is too cute! I've never seen a cat lay like that! Your kittens look like they keep you busy. When Tavia was a kitten, she was in to everything! I don't quite miss that, but I do miss her adventures! Thanks for more pictures!!

Jessica said...

When I saw the one in the bottom of your cake turn table on fb last night, I laughed so hard so Andrew came in and had to see it too!

MonicaBerry said...

Love the kitty pictures! You've got some great ones!