Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cake Decorating Class 2: Week 2

This week we learned how to do roses. They are a lot of work so that is all we worked on, which was nice because they took a long time to figure out.

Here is the one my teacher did to show us how to do it. I wanted to see what some of my other ink colors look like, so I dyed my frosting orange this week.

In 2 hours I was able to make 10 roses (plus my teachers demonstration rose is on the board). By the end of class I was feeling much better about my skills. As always, my biggest problems is learning how to hold my hand and rotate it for the different rows of petals.
The rose on the left was my very first and the one on the right was my my best one. My teacher was so excited that I had finally figured out how to do an open rose so we had to get a picture.

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Jessica said...

Roses were terribly hard for me. I think I finally mastered them though!