Friday, November 6, 2009

Finding Faith Friday - Birth Mother

On my Infertility Blog, each Friday I do a Finding Faith Friday. It has been a great way to help me move forward and to find the comfort I need from my Savior. Since it is National Adoption Month I have choose to highlight the article, The Gift of Adoption, from the February 2009 article. I know I talked about this article when it came out, but it's such a great article I feel the need to talk about it again. It is broke into 4 sections; today I posted some parts from the Birth Mother. Click HERE to view it.

When we first started the adoption process, our birth mother was the first thing on our minds. She is going to give life to our child. We quickly learned that with open adoption, we are very likely to have a great relationship with her. We are excited for that. There is nothing wrong with more people loving your child.

We have yet to experience it, but in visiting with those who have adopted, it looks like Placement Day will be the best and worst day of our lives. Great, because we will finally be parents, but worst because we are going to watch our birth moms heart break. I don't think it is something we can prepare for. We already love our birth mom so much, I hate to think about us being the reason her heart breaks. But I do know that the Savior will carry us all through. I'm just so grateful for open adoption.

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