Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adoption Advertising and Referral Agencies

Have you been looking for quite a while and don't know what to do next. Consider using a finding agency. Their fees are anywhere for $800 to $5000 (that I know of). They will help match you with a birth mom. You will still need to hire someone to do your home study and legal work. If you are working with an agency like LDSFS this could be a great addition to your finding efforts because between their fees and LDSFS fees you would still pay less than using other agencies that charge $20K+.

For us, right now, we have chose not to use a finding agency. Every step we take in our adoption journey is started with a prayer and much thought. We have not felt like it is something we need to do at this time. Instead we have been using Parent Profiles for the last several months. Oh, side note on them. Their fees for LDS couples will be increasing the first of the year. Instead of $50 a month it will be $75. That is still a 25% discount. The email I received didn't mention if they would still waive the setup fee. We are still deciding if we will continue our account with them next year.

On the Adoption Voices discussion pages I have seen a few mentioned. Here is their comments:

Marcia: "Typically, referral services charge anywhere between $2k-$5k for a referral. I used A Little Bit of Heaven referral service. Her fees are $800 for a referral. She basically gives her services a way, because she lost over $75k in her adoption journey. Her name is Betty Smith and I would highly recommend her."

Everlasting Adoptions: "To All Prospective Adoptive Parents, PLEASE DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY

In recognition of November as National Adoption Month and in an effort to help all of our prospective adoptive parents in these difficult economic times of today, we have made the decision to lower our fees for the BI-RACIAL THROUGH CAUCASIAN program to $5000 total and the FULL AFRICAN AMERICAN PROGRAM TO $3000.

You can call us to schedule a day and time for a FREE, informational phone consultation to learn more about our program. We do phone meetings during the day, lunch times, evenings and even weekends to accommodate your busy schedules.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we will be grateful if you take advantage of this extremely attractive offer. Here at Everlasting, we feel we have been very blessed in life. We want to make the blessing of building your family through the miracle of adoption more affordable to YOU in these challenging times.

We are only offering this pricing for the month of NOVEMBER. Please consider taking advantage of this for the short time it is being offered.

Please visit our website at and be sure to READ OUR TESTIMONIALS. We are very proud, and we would be grateful if you allowed us to be the ones that guide and support you through your entire adoption journey.

God Bless You All Always,

Carol Shepherd
Adoptive Mom and Director

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