Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween is coming

Just over a year ago when I started my blog Halloween was one of the first things I blogged about. It's an obsession of mine. I always put my Halloween decorations up the last Friday of September (or the week before). So I spent this weekend deep cleaning my house and setting up for my favorite time of year. Sorry no fall decorations until after Halloween. I just don't have enough room for both. I have another dozen pumpkins I didn't put up because I ran out of room. Here is this year's edition of Halloween at the Christensen's.

I LOVE my bathroom. I would seriously keep this up all year if Josh would let me. The rest of the year it has a cowboy theme.
I have three of these spiders that I hang from the ceiling. This is where Josh has to help me since I'm so short.

Love this guy! Yesterday I couldn't find him because I forgot he is a box all by himself. When I told Josh I couldn't find my bat, he told me that's because he threw it out across the street last month. Ha ha, he's so funny. Let's hope this is the only bat in my house in the coming months.

My ghost tower
I tried to put the witch under the TV, but with out stand it just wouldn't quite work, but I like her better next to the broom anyways.
My piano always ends up with my favorite things. I love the pumpkin guy on the chair. I've had him for years. Barbara bought me the cat last year and I LOVE him. She bought me the bear too, I think two years ago.
I try to put the skeleton in a different place each year. A few years ago he was playing the piano. I loved it, until I needed to play the piano to practice for church. I need Josh to adjust him a little, but I think I like him there. Ignore my walls that need to be painted. I made the ghost myself with a white table cloth. The directions I followed said to put it over a pumpkin on the table, but this one I can use over and over. I also made the mini pumpkins myself. I need to make some more.
I am still waiting on my Scentsy pumpkin warmer. They are on back order. The good news is I think I will have it before Halloween is here, I know some people don't expect to get theirs until the first of November. Last year I did a daily Halloween fact blog. This year I have decided to do Halloween recipes on my cooking blog. I have already done a few drafts so I'll be all ready to go on October 1st. Be sure to check it out every day.


Meka said...

OH MY GOSH! Everything is so cute! I love the bathroom! My favorite would have to be your black cat in the pumpkin costume. Makes me want to dress my black cat up like a pumpkin! You need some of Christine's Dolls, I bet you are having a hard time picking which one huh!?

Tammy said...

Looks Great! I'm putting mine up today. Wish I had your bathroom.

Love, Mom

brandya said...

I love you Halloween House! It is also my favorite holiday to decorate for! I need to get into my house so I can decorate it before it is too late! :) Thanks for sharing your lovely decor! I absolutely love the skeleton riding the elk (??). Totally cracks me up!

From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

Wow I love your decorations they are so cute. So did you ever decide on that picture that you show as your face book pic as the choice on your cards. I never did hear what pic you have choose. Just wondering if you don't want to share that is fine but just curious.

Christine Dallimore said...

Woo-Hoo-Hoo!!!! I LOVE your Halloween Home! Seriously in LOVE with all of your decorations-and that bathroom....Ah-Too Cute! :0) Can I come visit you just to use your bathroom? Hee- hee!!