Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Fast

The Church designates one Sunday each month, usually the first Sunday, as a day of fasting. Proper observance of fast Sunday includes going without food and drink for two consecutive meals, attending fast and testimony meeting, and giving a fast offering to help care for those in need.

As members of the church, we can fast for many purposes. Fasting is one way of worshiping God and expressing gratitude to Him. We can fast as we ask Heavenly Father to bless the sick or afflicted. Fasting may help us and those we love receive personal revelation and become converted to the truth. Through fasting we can gain strength to resist temptation. We can fast as we strive to humble ourselves before God and exercise faith in Jesus Christ. We may fast to receive guidance in sharing the gospel and magnifying Church callings. Fasting may accompany righteous sorrow or mourning.

To read more of what our church says about Fasting, please visit this LINK.

Most times we fast for personal reasons and personal growth. But there is strength in numbers and sometimes members will choose to fast for a common thing. This Sunday we have asked family and friends to join us in a fast for our adoption plan. It would be awesome if this fast resulted in our getting chosen, but we are also asking for family and friends to fast that we can receive the comfort we so desperately seek. We are fasting that we may align ourselves with God's plan.

If you like, please join your prayers with ours on Sunday.


Desi said...

Love your post! Count me in! Fasting does amazing things, for our own faith and for those around us. I think you did a super great introduction to what fasting is, and thanks for the invitation to be part of your cause!

Christine Dallimore said...

Oh man- i missed your fast. :0( I wish I would have read this sooner. I will say a special prayer in your behalf and I will have a special fast for you sometime this week as well!!!