Saturday, September 19, 2009


We're almost out of pass along cards. Before we order more I wanted some new pictures. So this morning while Josh was at work I curled my hair and when he got home I told he we needed to go get some pictures. We just had some family pictures taken a week ago, so he was a little hard to convince. But I probably won't use those pictures for a few reasons. That day I got a hair cut thinking the girl could do up my hair super cute. BUT my hair ended up shorten than I wanted so I couldn't style it like I wanted. I chose our shirts minutes before we left for the session and I'm still not sure if I'll like them. AND last year I hinted at the guy I wanted pictures for our pass along cards and he threw a big fit about copyrights. Whatever, I still scanned them and uploaded them online.

We went to Josh's parents house. I seriously don't know how I ever lived without a self timing camera. His mom was at school so we were on our own. We took a few and then it started to rain so we took a 30 minute break and then took a few more. Here is what we have to choose from. Please feel free to leave a comment which one is your favorite because it will end up on 500 pass along cards.
Personally, 8, 9, and 10 are my favorites, but I would love everyones opinion.
*UPDATE: I am going to crop the pictures, I am waiting to do it on my work computer because it is some much better. I just wanted to get the votes in over the weekend so I can order cards first thing this week.


Andrea said...

They turned out way cute! I would say that 10 is my favorite :)

mandamike said...

I like #7 & #10, they are really cute. I love the scenery at Josh's parents house! I want to come and take pictures there :)

Jessica said...

I like #3 and #10. They're all way cute though!

As a side thought, we had professional pictures done in Magna (pretty much like the way it was in Altamont) and that photographer thought it was so cool that we were trying to put together our profile to adopt that he sent us a copyright release in the mail and printed a picture for us exactly the size that LDSFS wanted for our profile. I think hearing your story about the copyright will just add to Andrew's dislike of the guy in Altamont!

Malone and Brittany said...

I like 10 the best, and 9 the second best. For picture number ten, if you can, I think it might be a good idea to crop out just a little bit of the left side of the picture. You want potential birth mothers to get a good look at your faces. After all, YOU TWO are the ones she's interested in, not all the grass. Not to say the scenery isn't gorgeous because it DEFINITELY is beautiful! But, I think the scenery might be overwhelming you two a bit. But I think these photos do an AWESOME job of showing your personalities! SO CUTE!

Brady and Richelle said...

1,4,7,9--love them all!!

Heather Gibson said...

My vote is for #8, Savannah! They turned out really cute!

From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

These pictures are so cute. I love them. God I hope and pray that this happens for both of us really soon. You are such a good person and things should happen to good people.:)

From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

Sorry I forgot to vote. I love 1,6,8. I definatly think 8 looks really fun. I think that would draw a birth mom in to see your fun side. I think 6 makes Josh look like a strong and role model like dad and make you look like a loving and supportive mom. I thought 1 was cute. I think 2 might look a little dark and can't see your faces clearly.3 is cute looks like you two are very loving but it might be like a lot of other couples who pose. I thought 4 and 8 look very similiar but you both look like you were having more fun in 8. 5 is cute but it didn't stick out to me like others did. 7 I think is adorable but a little dark so it isn't as easy to see your faces and I don't know with thye dark cloud in the backround. I know that was not your fault and I think the pic is still adorable.9 and 10 are very cute but like I said about 7 with teh darkness to the picture and the dark cloud. I am sorry I am just trying to be honest and trying to look at this as if I was a birth mom what would stick out to me. I thought definatly 8 it shows your faces clearly and it is a bright picture and very fun which I obviously don't know better but I would think I would want my child with people who seem happy and fun and would incorportate that into my childs like and I like 6 beacuse it is also bright and shows like I said before Josh as a role model and stong dad and you as a loving and supportive mom. Those are just my opinions. Just let us know what the pic was. :)

Tammy said...

I think I like 8 best.
Love, Mom

Tara said...

I like #7!

Ashley said...

#10. It's simple, it's sweet and you can see your faces really well.

=) said...

They're all very cute!! I like #7 for pass along cards. Although, you've probably already decided by now. =)