Thursday, September 24, 2009

Worthy Causes

I really an behind in my support for some friends in the adoption world. They are always in my prayers but I wanted to do a highlight for a few friends of mine.

The R House is in the midst of a contested adoption. They have started an Etsy shop with handmade adoption jewelry to help raise money for the court cost.

My personal favorite that I will be ordering soon.You can visit her Etsy shop HERE.

Patrick is a precious little boy who will turn 1 on Halloween. (Wouldn't that be the best birthday ever!) He needs a transplant and his family, friends, and neighbors have a few ways you can donate money to cover their costs. Their family was in the Tribune today. To read more on that story go HERE.


Meka said...

I love all these neat people you find! I had heard of the R house before but didn't look at their blog until you were talking about it at the conference. I love it and I love the jewelry! I like the one you picked! I hope the thing with their birth father clears up soon!! What a pain!!

MemoryKeeper said...

I am blessed I have one natural born child, and two adopted children. And I myself am adopted.

Hugs from the heart,

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