Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tell the Truth Tuesday

I just started following a new blog that I am already in love with, Giving What I Am. She is doing a Truthful Tuesday and since my blog has been a little dead lately I thought I would try it too. I'm also going to copy her this week too, because it's something I need to work on myself.

I am not good enough to my husband. He is an awesome man and sometimes I take it for granted. He loves me at my best, but he also loves me at my worst.

He has been an amazing support through our trial of infertility. He has listened to me rage, he has held me while I cried. He has been my rock.

Now is the perfect time for me to work on being a better wife. This time of year I become a hunters widow. Already I have started to loose patience with him for not being home. I know he only gets a few weeks a year to hunt and each year I vow to enjoy it with him and each year I get jealous. But there is a few more hunts this fall and I am going to be more supportive.


Kelly said...

I am a hunter widow too!! Mine started hunting in September and it won't stop until January. I have to admit I am jealous of hunting to.

Thanks for following my blog. I love your comments!


Meka said...

Savannah you find the neatest blogs! I am going to go check that one out right now! Husbands are great, mine has put up with a lot! I am psychotic pretty much once a month for at least a week! Poor Duane!

brandya said...

I am not a hunter widow but I call myself the "Football Widow." I really could care less about football and it is a tension in our home around this time. I, too, am trying to be better this year about letting the Broncos into our home during my one quiet day to myself, Sunday. Thanks for being you!