Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Killing of the Shrew - All about the Zip

We have 3 cats. Pyro (age 8), Missy (age 5), and Zipper (age 3). They are my "furbabies." Each of them have their own personalities and each are unique. But I didn't know how strange cats could be until we adopted Zipper. We picked him out of one of my dad's patches of kittens; that was probably the first mistake. My brother had been calling "her" Spot, but we decided to call "her" Hope. I was always skeptical of that name, but my dad and husband assured me that he was a she. The vet told me differently. So while at the vet's office I chaned HIS name to Zipper. He just runs around everywhere! He has endless energy! And he is quirky. He's part packrat, part dog, part human, and part cat. When he was a kitten he was always packing stuff off and hiding it. And I mean anything. One day I was cooking potato soup and I entered the kitchen to see him pulling a potato down the hallway. And he chews on everything! He prefers boxes and paper towell rolls, but he also enjoys chewing on Josh's boots and cowboy hats. He also enjoys chewing on the toilet paper roll when I shower.

But he has his redeming qualityies. Everynight we would go to bed and I would hear a noise. We lived in an apartment so I never thought much of it. But a few nights later I finally go up to investigate. He was sucking his toes! He really does. When he is really happy he curls up in a ball and grabs his back foot and starts sucking.

He is also a great killer. When we moved to our new home a few years ago it had a mouse problem. Well for a little while it did. He killed like 24 mice in the first month we were there. He has also killed bats, rabbits, robbins, moles, and his latest killing was a shrew. I can't imagine my life without Zipper, but each time we think of getting another cat he does something to make me decide that we don't need another cat, because it might be like him!

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