Sunday, September 28, 2008

Josh's Hunting Season 2007

Last year Josh had the best hunting season ever! It really was a good year for him. After seven years he finally drew his antelope tag for the Bookcliffs. He was so excited. We went out a few weekend before and looked around. We had a great time. Early in the day we saw a big one that other people had been telling us about, so we were excited. The night before the hunt he went out with his Grandpa, uncle, and brother and set up camp. Early the next morning they found the one he wanted. He had such a great time. I think he will treasure that memory forever. And he was so happy to have his family there to share the experience with him.

Then a few weeks later it was muzzle loader deer season. He really enjoys hunting deer. There has only been one year where he didn't get a deer and that was tough on him. He spent the year complaining about having to eat beef instead of venison. But he seemed to have a lucky streak last year and he shot the biggest deer he has ever gotten. *NOTE - Josh's deer is bigger than Dallon's elk!

His last hunt of the season was muzzle loader elk. That was the hardest hunt. He has hunted elk a few times, but hasn't had much luck. On the last morning he killed a 6 x 5 elk. He was so excited (I think he called his grandpa before he called me and grandpa was to his house before he could get there with the elk!).

With hunting season underway this year we are excited to see how well he does this year. It is nice knowing that he works so hard to keep our freezer full so that we don't have to buy meat. We even bought a meat grinder so we can grind up our own hamburger. Grandpa has some relatives in Minnesota that now call Josh "The Great White Hunter." He is pretty proud of that. Needless to say he had a great year last year. He can't put in for the antelope hunt for a few years because of state regulations, but he can hardly wait until he can go on another antelope hunt.

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