Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween & Christmas are coming

I've been playing around with a new picture program so expect to see lots of pictures! I love taking pictures so they will never be in short supply.
Halloween 2007- We had a family party and everyone had to
bring their own pizza with a jack o'latern face. We had a lot of fun!

Only 36 days until Halloween. I couldn't resist any longer and today I am wearing a pumpkin shirt and new pumpkin earrings I bought at the store earlier this week.

I don't get as excited about Christmas, but I did book Josh's first "Santa" appointment last night. It is for December 20th for some of his relatives. They would be his grandpa's, brother's kids. He went to their party last year. It is a big family (I think there is like 13 siblings and then with their kids and grandkids they manage to fill the school gym and cafeteria). He is excited to do that. I really need to get a Mrs. Claus costume so that I can go with him. It was hard to sit on the sidelines last year. Last year I think he did about 8 jobs. It was a nice way for him to earn a little extra money. I know he would love to do more this year, but we will have to work around a college schedule this time. Luckily he only has classes 3 days a week so hopefully we can book everything around those and keep them to the weekends.

Josh as Santa last year for UBTA-UBET.
This was his first job as Santa.

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