Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Jobs

Once again, Santa has stayed very busy this Christmas season. I haven't gotten pictures at most events, but I did get a couple. Most years, he does a lot of family parties, but this year has been more public events. He was Santa after a dance concert, at a Birthday party, Alco, a daycare, after a play in Tabiona, and the pet shelter*. After that, he only did like 3 family parties.

The day Josh shot his elk was the day he was supposed to do the Santa job at the pet shelter. About 90 minutes before he was supposed to be there, he called me at work to tell me there was no way he was going to make it. I was furious and frantic. I made a few phone calls and finally found a new Santa, my brother Alden. Because Josh wears glasses, I didn't have any for Alden to wear as Santa. And we had to keep his wig pulled low because his eyebrows are so dark.
Alden loved it. People were allowed to bring their pets to get a picture with Santa. It really was the perfect job for him. He loved seeing all the different dogs and getting them to pose with him.
While he was busy with that, I was busy making a new friend. I was so tempted to bring him home, but in the end, I decided we didn't need another cat at this time.
Santa at Alco.
I still find it funny that my scrooge of a husband loves to play Santa. 

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