Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Girl's Christmas Dinner

This year, the girl's got together one night and went to Café Rio for dinner. While there, we exchanged gifts.
I got us all matching cupcake necklaces. Randi is moving away and I wanted a way to remember our friendship. I figured since cake decorating class brought us together, it would be the perfect gift.

Jessica got us each a necklace initial pendant. Kim gave us some fuzzy reindeer socks. Randi gave us each a coupon for a free girl's night. I immediately tried to use mine when she mentioned a new store she found in the city, but since she is busy in the middle of selling her home, I decided to wait for a little bit. It expires in May when she leaves us to move to Missouri. 

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Jessica said...

It was a fun night. :) Thank you again for the necklace! It is adorable!