Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our first Christmas in our new home.

Santa even left a gift under the tree for the pets. A new toy and bone for Sage and two catnip toys for the cats. 

Gaby was more interested in the bone than anything else.  

Before we let Sage out of her kennel to go outside, I put her bone at the top of the landing for her to see. She immediately picked it up to take with her. 

 We like to open our stockings first before starting breakfast. 

My stocking included a new water bottle, a new necklace with matching earrings, itune cards, a memory disk and lots of chocolate. 

Josh's stocking had cologne, the newest "Game of Thorns" book, an itunes card, candy cane peeps, chocolate and suckers. 

I saw this Cherry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake on Pinterest and had to try it out. The recipe called for enough to make two. The first one didn't turn out and ended up just being straight. And it made way to much for the two of us. Next time, I will cut the recipe in half. 

 After breakfast, we opened our gifts. 

 Josh's gifts included a work vest, a hoodie, 2 long sleeve shirts, a calendar, nine pearl snap button shirts and a new float tube. 

Josh got me a Ninja Cooking System, a digital picture frame, an oil diffuser, a cake leveler and a nice thick floor mat for the kitchen. I love it all!

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Jessica said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! Looks like Santa was good to you this year. :)