Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Josh's Cow Elk Hunt

This year, Josh had two elk hunts. The first one was a bull elk hunt in October. He decided since he had a cow hunt later in the year, he could afford to hunt for a bigger bull. He saw plenty of smaller bulls he could have shot, but he was holding out for a big one. He didn't end up getting one, but he had still had fun.
After waiting a few months, his cow elk hunt finally arrived. Opening weekend, he had some friends from work join him. They stayed Friday night so they could go with him on opening morning. I had promised to help my uncle with his Dutch Oven Catering, so I didn't go with them. They saw some elk, but nothing they could shoot at.
After helping his buddy, his uncle and his brother with elk they shot, he finally got one of his own. Which was a relief to me because we are out of burger in our freezer. That hasn't happened in YEARS. But its at the butcher now so our freezer won't be bare for long.

I also had to share this picture of Tyler. Last year, when Josh had caught a beaver, he took it to Melanie's to show them. Unfortunately, Tyler was terrified of it. It was MONTHS before he would even be in the same room as Josh. Josh felt so bad.
A few weeks ago, Josh went to his parents to skin out a few beaver he had caught. When he realized Tyler was there, he was worried it would happen again. But instead, Tyler ran up to him and wanted to pet the beaver. He even posed for a picture! Josh was over the moon that his nephew wasn't scared this time. 

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