Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nephew Gifts

I think my favorite part of Christmas is shopping for my nephews. This year, I got an early start and had all their stuff bought by Halloween. I thought the waiting was going to kill me.
Vanessa said her boys could use new clothes. I found a good sale at Kohl's and went nuts.
(In the next three pictures Daxsen's stuff is on the left and Valex's is on the right.)
Each boy got a new hoodie.
New Pajama's

And a John Deere shirt.

Valex is getting 5 new shirts.
Because Kohl's screwed up my order, Daxsen is only getting 4 new shirts. I was going to get him a 5th one, but forgot. But clearly, they are spoiled enough as it is.

 I also found a John Deere shirt for Tyler (left) and Preston (right).
Tyler's is PERFECT for him.
Quite a while ago, while we were at Josh's parents for dinner, Preston was asking if they had Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots. I decided that would be the perfect Christmas gift! It has been so hard to wait for Christmas to come. Because Tyler's present cost a little more, I decided to get Preston a 2nd game. I've never heard of it, but it had great reviews on Amazon. Preston is big into games so I'm hopeful he'll enjoy it.
When I saw this construction plate and utensil set I knew I had to get it for Tyler. It even came with a cute placemat. My only worry is his mom will be constantly washing it for him.

I tried to wrap up as much fun as I could. Preston & Tyler's gifts are wrapped as 3 presents for each. Valex and Daxsen's are wrapped as 5 presents for each. I didn't have enough name tags, so instead I color coordinated bows. Preston's gifts have a red bow, Tyler's a red bow, Valex's a green bow and Daxsen's a gold bow.
Ever since falling in love with that cat at the pet shelter, I keep hinting to Josh I would love to receive a kitten under the tree. Zipper, the ever jealous kitty, decided to put himself under the tree for me.

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