Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day with Josh's Family

On Christmas Day, we went to Josh's parents for dinner. 

I had wrapped the nephews gifts into three packages each. First, we opened our John Deere shirts. Preston was less than thrilled to get clothes, but Tyler loved his shirt. And I told Preston I had saved his best gift for last. 

Before we opened gifts, Barb brought some games out to play. When I saw she had the same game I had bought for Preston, I got after her to put it away. It confused her at first, so I tried to explain it needed to be  a surprise for a little boy. I hope its a good game since there is now one at her house and at Preston's home. I had never seen it before, but it was highly recommended on Amazon. 

Tyler was a little confused when he opened his plate and place mat. So I immediately had them open their last gifts. Those were the silverware for Tyler's gift and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots for Preston. Both boys were thrilled!

Tyler played with them for a few minutes, then he told us he was hungry. We had just finished dinner and most of it was put away, he just wanted to use his new plate and silverware. 

Preston was so excited for the robots game, he "helped" his dad put it together. 

I was nervous to buy something besides clothes. They have been such an easy gift for me, I was worried I would screw up and buy something they wouldn't like. But both boys seemed thrilled with all they received. 

I remembered to take a picture of the nephew gifts, but I forgot to take a picture of the other gifts. We gave Barb some new Tupperware bowls and a square container. We gave Matt a new work vest. I had Natalie's name and gave her a perpetual calendar and a Pampered Chef cooling Rack. Josh had Colter's name and gave him a Sportsman's Warehouse gift card.

Josh's parents gave us new pajama pants and cash (which we plan to save for our anniversary). Melanie had my name and gave me a Maurice's gift card. Dallon had Josh's name and gave him a Sportsman's Warehouse gift card. 

I need to insert a funny story here. The day after Christmas I noticed a friend on Facebook was trying to sell something on the Orem Yard Sale Group Page. It was an arcade style basketball game. It has 2 hoops and keeps score.  I immediately thought of Preston and Tyler. Then, I remembered Josh had mentioned going to Orem to get something this weekend. So I texted Melanie to ask her what she thought. She thought they would like it, so I decided to get it and it will be their Easter present. One day after Christmas and I was already shopping for Easter. I can't help myself, I love being an aunt and am always looking for the next opportunity to spoil them. 

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