Saturday, December 28, 2013

Josh's 32nd Birthday

Josh had his birthday off, so I gave him two of his gifts in the morning. One was actually supposed to be in his stocking, but I had completely forgotten about it until the day after Christmas. Since his birthday was the next day, I decided to just give it to him for that. It was the soundtrack CD to "Jeremiah Johnson". He's been wanting it forever and was sad he didn't get it for Christmas, so he was thrilled to see he got it for his birthday. I also let him open one of his new Wii games so he could play it while I was at work. 

Dinner was one of his favorite meals from when he was young. He can remember having Swedish Meatballs on his birthday for like 3 years in a row. I cooked them in my Ninja Cooker and loved it! Then we had "almost" better then sex cake for dessert. He didn't want any candles, but he insisted I sing him Happy Birthday. 

After dinner, he opened the rest of his presents. 

I got him a new Levi jackets, two heavy duty shirts, an itunes gift card, the Jeremiah Johnson Soundtrack and two new Wii Hunting Games. He had pointed out on Christmas that he didn't get a new Wii game and I told him to wait until his birthday. I guess I have split them up over the two holidays in the past. 

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