Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year, we went to Josh's grandparents for Thanksgiving. Previously, we talked about doing our own dinner, later in the week, so we could have the left overs, but we decided to skip that this year. But when we realized we were too early for dinner on Thanksgiving, we ran to Walmart to buy a few things. I was starving, so I decided to buy a banana to tide me over until dinner. Then we saw the turkey breast. Ten minutes later, we had our cart loaded up with stuff for a dinner of our own. 

We did our dinner on Saturday. It was DELISH! I think Josh & I make a perfect team in the kitchen. 
We had turkey breast
Mashed potatoes w/ gravy (I think it is Josh's best gravy EVER!)
Carrot Supreme
Corn bread stuffing
Honey Oat Rolls
Cranberry Cherry Nut Pie
Apple Pie

I think part of the reason we decided to make our own was because I didn't end up taking anything on Thanksgiving. I had bought stuff for the carrot supreme and one pie, but that morning I got caught up in housework instead of baking. Which I loved when we came home to a clean house that night. I've never been good at pies, but this year, I decided to just buy the Pillsbury roll out pie crust. Best.Idea.Ever. No kitchen disaster and the pies were perfect. Josh has always wished I baked pies. After these turned out so well, I told him I'd make him a pie whenever he wanted, as long as he didn't ask for home made crust. 

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Jessica said...

I can make pie crust, but those roll out pie crusts are such a time saver! Glad your dinner was so yummy!