Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year, I could not find the energy to put up a tree. I think it had to do with the lack of snow. It just didn't feel like Christmas until just a few days before. By that point, I decided a tree was just to much effort to only enjoy for a few days.
So our tree this year, was a small wooden tree on our sofa table. I even set it up right next to the only Santa I own. Then we piled our presents underneath. Circle paper were my presents, stripes were Josh's and the candy cane packages were for both of us.

While waiting for breakfast to cook, we opened our stockings.

Breakfast was cinnamon monkey break and north pole smoothies.

The cats each got their own can of soft kitty food.

Sage got a big bone and a new chew toy. I had them on the floor by the door when she came out of her kennel. She picked up her chew toy and then was ready to go outside.
After breakfast. we opened our gifts. Josh got some trapping supplies, a calendar, the new Cabela's Wii game, a license plate cover and the Pampered Chef wok pan. I was actually looking for a different pan when I found this wok. It is used, but I got it for such a great deal that I don't care. We can't wait to try it out.
I got a new purse, a clock, a small pampered chef pan, a vest and a new laptop.
At the work Christmas party, I won the $500 drawing for a health awareness program! I decided that gave us the money we needed to not only buy me a laptop, but also get a new home computer. We also upgraded to a bigger screen and new speaker system since we've had our old ones for about 8 years.

We both agreed to wait until Christmas to use the new computers. But I didn't want to be stressed on Christmas trying to get the Internet to work. So last week I set them both up to get make sure they would be ready to go. Then I decided it would be too much temptation, so I decided to put the laptop back in its box and wrap it. Then I took down the old computer screen but left the hard drive out. To do this, I simply needed to turn them both off. Let's just say, I don't like the newest Windows version. Took me 10 minutes to figure out when the shut off menu was! I also thought the laptop would be great to blog on, but it has taken me all day figure out how load pics, resize pics and run everything. I hope I catch on quick because right now, its just driving me nuts!

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Jessica said...

Looks like a very merry Pampered Chef Christmas! :)