Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with Josh's family

This year, we spent Christmas Eve with Josh's family. Josh's brother will be moving here in a few days, so he wasn't there. First, we went to Matt & Barbara's and had dinner with them. After dinner, we helped them drop off their "Santa" gifts to the boys. Each year, Barbara buys them some pj's and a few other things. Matt drops the stuff on the door step, knocks, yells "ho ho ho" and then hides.
Since we were with them, Josh was the one to drop the package. I decided to hide in the bushes and get a few pictures. They didn't turn out great, but it was so fun to watch. Melanie said when the boys heard "Santa" their eyes got all big and they were super excited.

We waited a few minutes, then went into visit. The boys already had on their new pj's and were so excited to show us the book and candy Santa had left. While we were there, we gave the boys their presents. We got them each a camo sweater and three shirts.  

Later, we gave Barbara and Matt their presents. They were home made this year. Josh gave his dad some reloaded bullets and I gave Barbara a box of greeting cards I've made over the years.

This year, I talked both of our families into trading names among siblings. I had Melanie's name and gave her a Maurice's gift card. Josh had Colter's name and gave him a Basin Sports gift card. Dallon & Natalie had our names, so I'm sure we'll be getting something from them.

The boys gave Josh and early birthday present, which they helped him open. ;)

Before we left, Preston read us a story. I swear he is growing too fast! While wrapping his presents earlier that day, I teared up to realize he is growing.
 Our gift from Barbara & Matt.


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