Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas....extended :)

Today, my grandma and two aunts came out to visit. We had purposely kept some presents wrapped so the boys could have one more round of presents. Of course they loved it.
My uncle had sent some popcorn canisters for us older siblings. Daxsen thought they were perfect for blocks. He stacked them, knocked them over, rearranged them, climbed on them and stacked them again for a long time.  

The presents were in the playpen, you know, so the boys couldn't get to them.

Both boys were wearing some of the shirts I bought them. How neat is it that Valex had some pants that matched his shirt perfectly!

And in we go again for another one!

Both boys were in the tent when one started screaming. When I went to investigate I found Valex hugging his brother, but Daxsen wasn't enjoying it all that much.

Grandma Great (that is what the boys call my grandma, aka great grandma) brought a cake. Both boys loved it.  

Valex wanted to touch the ceiling. His uncle Wyatt helped him. 

My favorite picture of each boy from tonight. I love them so much. They have completed my world like I never knew could be possible. 

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