Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with Savannah's family

After we finished our Christmas breakfast and opening our gifts, we headed to my mom's to spend the day with my family.
We were a little early, and my dad was a little late, so it was a while before we got to open presents. Being the impatient person I am, I ended up sneaking into the boys gifts to get out one of their new shirts to wear. ;)

While waiting for everyone to show up, we stayed busy playing with other toys. Valex kept saying "too big" while pretending to ride a toy motorcycle
 Grandpa is here!

Last week, Vanessa posted a few pictures of Valex painting on Facebook. I started secretly hoping that one of those paintings would be mine. 

YAY!! She found a cute picture frame to hold the painting and some other pictures of me and the boys. LOVE it! I will always treasure their first painting. 

We Haslem children are known for climbing anything and everything. Daxsen is no exception. I knew it was time to eat when he put himself in his high chair.

My mom got Josh some trapping stuff for Christmas. Since his birthday is 2 days later, she also got him some trapping lures. We didn't wrap and take them since they smell like skunk, but Josh was excited. My mom gave me a Maurice's gift card. She also threw on a little extra to go towards my birthday. I knew that was what I was getting and I am so excited to go clothes shopping! My brother Alden had my name this year and he gave me a Maurice's gift card too. Plus I have a 15% off coupon so I plan to buy a lot of new clothes very soon.
My dad gave us some money and some tools. John had Josh's name this year. He got him some trapping books. Josh had Alden's name. He gave him a shirt with a tiger on it and some money. I had Vanessa's name. I gave her some pages for her scrapbook I made her last year. I also gave my mom some pages for her's. But I forgot to take pictures before wrapping them. After this year, I think I'll now do those for Mother's Day instead because I would be sad when I didn't get Vanessa's name.
This is the picture frame the boys gave me. :) I'm sure Vanessa didn't plan it on purpose, but those pictures are some of my very favorites of the boys. The paintings would have been fine on their own, but those snapshots made it the perfect present.

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