Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa visits Valex & Daxsen

One night last week, Josh had a Santa job in Vernal. On our way there, we decided to stop and see my sister and her kids. I thought Daxsen would be okay and Valex would be the scared kid. But it was the complete opposite. Valex went right up to Santa and sat on his lap.
Valex was pretty excited when we walked in.

Vanessa even had a few gifts to wrap that she left on the porch for Santa to give to the boys.

Daxsen didn't like Santa one bit. So we only made Josh hold him long enough to get a picture. One his mom was holding him, he was fine. 

 While I was stealing some of my sister's pictures, I had to steal this picture too. One of the guys my mom works with dresses up as the Grinch every year.

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