Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alaska Cruise - Day 5: Dress up night

Day 5 marked the last night we had decided to try one of the upgraded restaurants, Cagney's Steakhouse. We also decided it would be a fun night to do our own formal dining.

Just about every night, the ship had professional photographers. Since we were dressed up, we thought it would be fun to do a few shots. Our photographer was hysterical. He ended up being the funnest person we met that worked for the cruise ship.

He ended up taking 13 pictures of us. Josh didn't care for any of them because they made us take our shoes off. I watched that night, and I think everyone that used the white background had to take their shoes off. The other back ground choices were a burgandy red, brown or in front of the stair case. The staircase was the most popular, but I just didn't love it.

As I mentioned, Josh didn't love the pictures, but I did. I finally told him that since we hadn't done any professional pictures since I lost the weight, I was going to buy some. Then I sent him back to the room so I could decide which ones I wanted. For saying I wasn't going to buy any pictures while on the ship, I ended up buying several. In the end, I came home with 10 pictures I never planned on purchasing. But they did have a deal for every four pictures you bought, you got a fifth one for free. So I used that as an excuse to buy a few extras.

One of my favorites.
We both got a kick when the photographer meowed at me. Then he quickly apologized by saying "I sorry. I no see my wife for 7 months!" He said funny things like that through the entire session, which really only lasted probably less then 15 minutes.

As we were putting our shoes back on, the photographer looked at Josh's boots and told him to go back on the white background. In his Philipieanan accent he said "you come back with your boots. No, no, leave them off but bring them." Then he spent a good minute getting Josh's boots exactly where he wanted them.

After that, I had to get a picture too. As he was getting me in the position he wanted, he saw the feathers in my hair, so he made sure to lay them across my cheek.

My other favorite.

After pictures, we headed to dinner. I think everyone else loved the steakhouse, but for me, the smell of the oysters made me sick and I had to leave the table while Josh finished them and his lobster bisque.

This was the only picture I had ever planned on buying. I wanted a shot of the entire gang on our dress up night. We had so much fun together and I will think of so many happy memories when I look at this picture.

Then Todd wanted a picture with the rose in his mouth. So Andrew decided to hide under the napkin on his head. Josh, well I'm still not sure what he was thinking. He said he couldn't think of anything else to do. I think I like my sister's answer best, "he thinks you are deliciously hot."

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