Monday, May 21, 2012

Alaska Cruise - Day 3: Sailing to and arriving in Juneau

This is why we choose an Alaskan Cruise, the views. Granted, I would have equally enjoyed a warm cruise to somewhere like the Caribbean, but I knew that our vacation would be more enjoyable with mountain views. Even if Josh never knew which way was north. 

We weren't due to arrive in Juneau until that afternoon, so we spent a lot of our day out on the deck just watching the scenery. 

Pulling into Juneau around 2:00 pm.

Driving through Juneau to our excursion destination. 

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KT said...

Mountain views are spectacular! Did you always have a choice of a restaurant? Was there one main dining room?

We are off tomorrow on our vacation to the desert-Southwest. So, I will have to catch up in a week. Can't wait...your pictures are great so far...still laughing about the monkey!