Sunday, May 27, 2012

40 Bags: Week 4 (The Man Cave)

I now know why they call it a "man cave." Cause that is exactly how they live in there, like they live in the wild. No sense of order. Thinking of this room filled me with dread. You couldn't step two feet into the room without getting lost in piles of stuff. Thursday night, I was going to just relax. But suddenly decided to start on that room. I didn't keep track of bags this time (I didn't want anything to distract me), just know that I was just as harsh in that room as I was in the rest of the house.

I worked the first night until the garbage was full. Then I took four bags and one box and took them to my Relief Society President. The box was full of fleece and yarn. One bag was full of blankets I had started YEARS ago, but never finished. One bag was full of various fabric, some of which was even cut into quilt squares. The last two bags had 18 pairs of old, holey jeans. I told the lady to turn it all into quilts for humanitarian stuff. 

Today I got Josh to help me finish. Since it was mostly his stuff in the room, I had several piles of stuff I didn't dare throw away until he said it was ok. We quickly filled the trashcan. Then he went a step further then I thought he would by going through boxes and organizing even more. 

We were both amazed by some of the stuff we found. I found a CD that I bought in high school and didn't even know I still had. Then later I found some other "missing" CD's. Josh found other stuff he thought was lost and stuff he didn't need anymore. We need to deep clean more often. 

I did find one gem: a gun contract Josh signed YEARS ago. 
Yes, I did hold him to it and it was pure torture since he wanted to buy a gun just a few months after signing it. 

I have another pile of stuff to take to the DI or yard sale. I have an aunt that is putting together a yard sale to raise money for Relay for Life. I hope to take some of the stuff to her. I just want to be rid of the stuff, but if it can help a good cause, that is even better.

The thing I am most proud about is after cleaning that room, I decided to haul ALL the totes from the attic down to that room. I hate that attic and now I never have to go up there again. Its a little crowded in that part of the room, but in an organized way. I've walked in that room 3 times now, just to look at it and grin. 

Project 40 bags feels near complete. I still need to clean out my closet, but that is mostly shoes since I've gone through my clothes several times as I've lost weight. Then I probably could get rid of some stuff in the kitchen, but I don't expect to find much since I went through it real good last summer. 

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Jessica said...

I still love that contract and the fact that you held him to it!