Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alaska Cruise - Day 4 :Skagway Train Ride

The first part of our excursion in Skagway was a trip up the White Pass Yukon Route. We took a tour bus up the mountain first.  

At the top, we arrived in Fraser: population 10. This is the Canadian border check point. Because the border between the United States and Canada is in a narrow part of the mountain, each country has built their check point several miles from the actual border.

The Fraser train depot.

Our train was running late. Once it pulled up, we all knew why. This was their first run of the season and they hit a few snow drifts.

We spent some of out time inside the train. But once we warmed up, we headed back outside to the rear landing. It was cold, but so cool to see everything up close.

Standing on the back of the our train car.

These rapids are class 6 and have never been successfully run.

The train ride was INCREDIBLE. Everything was so pretty. It was also very cold. At times, the snow drifts were so high, we couldn't even see the top.

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