Friday, May 20, 2011

Savannah's Day con't

Mother's Day is such a struggle for me, that is why we try to put a positive spin on it and call it Savannah's Day instead. In the worst of years, I just want to be ignored. I want the day to just pass like it never happened. But then other years, I get a little perturbed when I'm ignored. I know, I can only blame myself for these feelings. 

This year was... okay. Josh did an amazing job of making me feel loved. (I think he's just trying to butter me up so I get him something good for Josh's Day.) I guess that I have burned enough people in the past, that they now ignore me. Again, that is my own fault. And its okay, for the most part. Its hard to explain. I don't want peoples pathetic sympathy. I don't want to hear the empty promises of "someday". It also really doesn't help when mothers tell me that they don't like Mother's Day and list the reasons why. (I really can't stress that enough! Infertile people do NOT like hearing you say why they are so lucky to not be moms because of all the stress it causes in your lives. Please, don't bring that up. It hurts. And upsets us. And makes us think about stealing your babies since you complain about them, even if its just an attempt to make us feel better.)

What does help is friends that acknowledge me by showing they love me for who I am. The day after Mother's Day I went to the movies with the ECC's. Kim gave me a card that showed this Willow Tree figurine. She wanted to get it for me, but hadn't been able to find it yet. I told her she didn't have to do that for me, but she did anyways. I love it. Its my first Willow Tree figurine and its perfect. 

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From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

that is a very beautiful figurin and I know I have 2 of them but my mother in law has a bunch of these they are really beautiful. I hope Savannah's day went great and made you feel special. :)