Tuesday, May 24, 2011

20. Something you are looking forward to

Alaska Cruise 2012! We plan on going on a cruise next year with the ECC's. As in, probably a year from last week. We talked about going this year, but we didn't have quite enough money so we decided to save up the money this summer and then go next spring. It feels FOREVER away. I can't wait, I just now it will be the best time EVER!

New furniture. I'm still deciding exactly what that will be, but right now I'm planning on a new entertainment center. And maybe a new bedroom set. And maybe a new bookshelf. And a new TV for the new entertainment center. My list is long and I probably won't be able to get it all, but I can't wait to get a few new things. Oh, and also new blinds since we only did half of the windows last year.

Girls nights. I always look forward to them, whether they are days apart or weeks apart.

A horse for me and a horse trailer for Josh. We looked last year, but this year we are serious. We are looking at a few online, but we just need the time to go look at them. Josh has been kind of looking at trailers, but when we had to buy a new car, we decided to wait until the truck was paid off. I just paid it off this week. :)

Taking the nephews fishing. We never got to go last year and I'm not sure who was more heartbroken, me or the nephews. But I'm going to make sure we go this year. I was able to help Preston catch his first fish and I hope I can help Tyler do the same.

Camping. Another thing we didn't get to do last summer, but hopefully can this summer.


Kiki said...

FUN stuff! Especially the cruise, I have always wanted to do that! Make sure when you go that you take lots of pictures and blog about it!

Jessica said...

Yay for paying off your truck! I also can't wait for many of those things myself. ;)