Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Kits

For the most part, I finished these Easter Kits several weeks ago. SEVERAL. One kit was missing a letter so I had to wait for her to send a new one. Then I forgot to pop up the dots on my Easter Eggs. Technically it was finished, but when I finished up the other kit, I decided to cut out new dots and pop them up this time.

I still could have had these finished closer to Easter, but when I went to finish them a few weeks ago, I couldn't find my Mod Podge. And since I live in Over Priced, Under Stocked, small town USA, I couldn't just go buy some. I finally got some Mod Podge this weekend and was able to finish up my Easter kits. I can't wait to display them, next year.

 Thanks to the Idea Closet for such cute kits! We just picked up our Spring kits and can't wait to put them together later this week! 

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I'm glad the 'N' worked out! I still really love your eggs. :)