Thursday, May 12, 2011

18. Self Portrait picture

I'm not a big fan of the self portrait. I don't like taking my own picture. I can tell which arm is holding up the camera. I think my eyes look funny because I'm trying to smile for the camera, but also watch to make sure I don't drop it. And I'd rather have that handsome cowboy husband of mine standing next to me in the picture, but a self portrait of us together, well, I've never figured that out. But enough whining, here is my best efforts.

I took this picture on a Tuesday. Its a big deal because I curled my hair that day. I usually only do that on the last working day of the week. But the cats woke me up early and rather then go back to sleep for 15 - 25 minutes, I decided to just get up. Funny story, about those cats. I woke up because Buddy some how turned on the light to my book light. I have no idea how. I think he stepped on the book and that made the switch on the light bump into something and that turned it on. He seemed just as startled as I did. 

This is my favorite self portrait, I took it last summer.

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