Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Decorations 2013

As each holiday approaches, I am so excited to decorate my new home.
Of course, Halloween is my favorite. But this year, it was hard. When we moved, I could tell, I had way too many Halloween decorations for our new home. In our last home, the living room was 3 times the size as the one we have now. Add to that, I had more space, like the book shelf, to display stuff on.
I vowed, that as I decorated for each holiday, I would go through my decorations and dejunk by only keeping my favorite.
I had FOUR totes of Halloween decorations. And two bigger items stashed in a Christmas box. I knew I could never use it all. I debated only setting out some things, and saving the rest of other years, but I knew, I would still choose my favorites every year.
I still can't believe how much I got rid of! I sold some on a yard sale group and then gave some other stuff away. There were a few things I wanted to keep, but just couldn't find anywhere for them.

I really do love how it turned out. 

 When I was all done, I was a little bummed about all I had gotten rid of. Then I got on Facebook and saw my friend Christine had just posted a new doll. So I bought her to help cheer me up. She is so cute!
I'm also thrilled to have a door to decorate. Our last home was on a dead end road, so I never really decorated outside. And it also had a screen door, so it blocked anything when I did try to hang something up. But now that we live in a town house, I love finding a way to personalize our home to the outside world.
Sometimes, I'm still amazed that we ended up in a town home. But almost everything about it has been awesome. Except the salesmen. They come all the time and it drive me nuts. We've decided to no longer answer our door when someone knocks. So friends and family be warned; call and let us know if it is you so we don't ignore you. 

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Jessica said...

How fun that you are decorating your front door now too! That would be annoying having all those salesmen! Do you have a peephole? That way you could check before you answered. ;)