Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Cookies

This morning, while I was frosting my Monster cake, Vanessa texted to see if I wanted to frost cookies with her and the boys. Of course, I said yes. She said they would be doing it after nap time in this afternoon.
Frosting cookies with two little boys adventure.
One of use wasn't fully clothed for the first cookie.
There was lots of double dipping.
And re-frosting of cookies that had been licked off.
And that was just me.
Kidding. I was fully clothed.
And I only double dipped once.
But I ate the entire cookie.

However, I think cookie had its fourth layer of frosting by the time I left. Valex said he didn't like the cookie part.

Vanessa had been helping Daxsen with the frosting, but when she turned away to grab something, he did it him self. He was so proud!

Or maybe it was the sugar rush. We dipper multiple times into the bowls.
Right at the end, my brother John asked which cookie would be safe to eat. We just laughed.
When Daxsen got bored with frosting the cookies, he played with them like they were toys.
He was being a tiger with the cat cookie.

It was a lot of fun. My sister is always so good to me by inviting me to stuff like this. I'm sure to others, it seems like nothing. But it makes me the happiest aunt in the world when I get to do stuff with my nephews.

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Jessica said...

I like the pink skeleton cat cookie! Daxsen is so adorable being a tiger with the cat cookie too!