Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bountiful Basket October 19

I haven't gotten a Bountiful Basket in years. It was just too much work because I had to drive at least 30 minutes to the nearest pickup site. And with Josh working out of town, I was basically trying to eat it alone. I'd always tell him to take some with him, but he always forgot. So between the drive and the waste, I decided to quit getting  basket.
About a month ago, I decided I wanted to try again. I was sad to see the Roosevelt site seems to no longer be running. But there is still one in Myton. They meet every other week. Then I just had to time it so I would be home. The first two times I remembered to buy one, I realized I wouldn't be home the day of pickup.
This week, I was finally able to order a basket! I was pretty excited. I even decided I wanted to volunteer. As I was finishing up my hair & makeup, I got a phone call. My in-laws thought Jazzy had colic. Josh was out working in the field south of Vernal, so I had to deal with it.
I had to cancel a meeting with a friend (that totally bummed me out) and try to find someone to get my basket for me. I wasn't too worried, because my friend Randi runs the site. I sent her a text and then headed to take care of the horse.
A half hour before the scheduled pickup, they called to let me know that truck was early and I could come now. I asked for Randi, only to learn she was out of town! I explained my situation and told them I really wanted my basket, but if they couldn't find a way to hold it for me, I would have to just let it go. But I was in luck, I was talking to Randi's mom. She offered to take it home with her and let me pick it up when I went home.

 Holy crap, I forgot how much food you get!
This basket included:
2 kinds of lettuce
3 cucumbers
4 yellow squash
3 golden beets
4 red pears
5 red onions
3 pomegranates
4 persimmons
8 green apples
7 kiwi
Then I also decided to do a fall harvest pack add on.
It included:
2 pumpkins
2 mini pumpkins
1 large gourd
3 smaller gourdes
2 large Indian corn
5 mini Indian corns
I decided to use it to decorate my front porch for the season.
PS, the horse is fine. I couldn't find a vet in town, so I got some medicine and took it to her. She does horrible with shots, so we finally gave it to her orally. And she kicked me. D*mn horse. 

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you were still able to get your basket! The kiwi sounds fun! I don't think I ever got kiwi when I was getting baskets. Don't you just love those mini corn?!! :)