Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tyler's 4th Birthday

This year, I decided to get some books for Tyler's birthday. Big trucks, back hoes, tractors, I knew it would be a hit.
The toys I bought for his gift came in a 5 packs. Since I couldn't fit them all on the cake, I wrapped his present into two gifts and tied a toy to the top of each.

The cake was a hit!

The toys were a hit too. I laughed when I saw he was eating with all of the ones on the cake.
Then, when I gave him his presents, he couldn't put the toys down and kept trying to open the gift with just one hand.

Playing with all 5 toys under the table.
Then he opened another gift from his grandparents and got some money from Great Grandpa Paul. Then he disappeared. When I went to leave, I found him outside. I should have known he'd take his new toys out to the dirt.

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