Monday, August 19, 2013

The Deer in the Closet

As I mentioned in the new home post, Josh declared it officially our home, once he had some heads hung.
I don't love them, but I also don't hate them. And since I love Josh, I tried to find a middle ground with him. I wanted the antelope in the front room (its my favorite). Then I agreed to a deer head in the front room, his big elk in the stair way and another elk on his side of the bed. Sadly, that isn't even half of his heads. But its all his big ones.
As we were hanging the one in the bedroom he casually mentioned hanging one in the closet. I wondered if the blankets would snag on it as I got them down, but then I realized, I put the ones seldom used on his side. So I said sure. Ten seconds later, it was hung. He later admitted, he didn't want to give me time to change his mind.
So yes, there really is a deer head in my closet. That's what happens when you marry an avid hunter.
He also offered to hang one on my side, but I declined. I bought a jewelry organizer instead. 

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