Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flag Cake

One of the ladies at work is like Missionary Mom to the Elders in our area. Like even to the point of embarrassing texts close with them .
Last week, she started to wonder if one of them would be up for transfer this week. She thought about it and decided it would be the elder from Canada. She wanted to get one last prank in on him before saying good bye.
So she asked me to make a flag cake. A maple leaf on top for Canada, but then, an American Flag inside. She had many great laughs as she pictured him cutting into the cake. I agreed to make it for her, as long as she sent me a picture of the inside.
Let me just say, I think as myself as a creative person, but not an artsy person. It was hard to draw the maple leaf free hand. But I guess it was close enough they knew what it was.
Here's the funny part. They did have a transfer this week, but it wasn't for that Elder. I think she said the other elder was Polynesian. She explained to them that she thought it would be the other elder and so that is why she ordered a cake with the Canadian Flag. But, since it was the other elder, she let him cut the cake.
They all had a great laugh to find the American Flag inside and even the Canadian said, "God Bless America." But really, they were getting cake, who cares how it looks inside.
 It was actually pretty simple to make and I can't wait to make it for the 4th of July next year.

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Jessica said...

It turned out very cute!