Sunday, August 25, 2013

Construction Cake

A few weeks ago, Melanie asked me to make Tyler's Birthday Cake. She wanted a dump truck cake we had seen the year before. My sister had asked for the same cake 2 nights before that.
Unfortunately, the pan is no longer available.
Vanessa chose an airplane cake for Daxsen; I'll be making that in a few weeks.
Since Tyler is so big into big trucks, back hoes, etc., I suggested a construction cake for Tyler. I had seen tons of ideas on Pinterest and knew it would be fun to make.
I found a 5 pack of CAT toys. I put 3 on the cake and the other two are with his birthday gift. I found some edible rock candy and construction cone candles on Amazon. Amazon is seriously the best ever.
I tore a corner of the cake off and flipped it over to make a hill. Then I coated it with frosting and covered the mound with some Oreo's I smashed. I also put some frosting in the dump truck so the Oreo's would stay in there.

It was so fun to make and it was a lot easier then I thought it would be. I can't wait for Tyler to see it.


KT said...

LOVE IT! PS. Missing seeing your creations on Facebook :(.

Jessica said...

So cute, Savannah! Really creative! The construction cone candles make it!