Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playdoug Spiders for the nephews

This year, I decided to go through my YEARS worth of Halloween magazines, tear out the ideas I liked, and then throw the magazines away. The only exception was my Taste of Home Magazines and a few Pillsbury Magazines that were strictly recipes. Those I will hold onto forever. I started with a pile of magazines about 2 feet high and ended up with a stack of papers about an inch thick. It felt good to dejunk and I know that I will make better use of the ideas because I won't have to dig through countless magazines.
Then of course, I bought new magazines this year. So I did the same thing. While looking through them, I found this really cute spider and decided I just had to make them for the nephews.

They were so simple to put together. I found a pack of mini play dough at Walmart. Using hot glue, I wrapped each in a fun Halloween ribbon, then attached pipe cleaners for legs and some googly eyes. Easy Peasy!

Each boy will get three each in their goodie bag. Yep, I said bag. They are spoiled. ;) I still need to find something else for Daxsen since I figured all he would do is try to eat the play dough.

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Jessica said...

What a cute little craft! I love the idea of wrapping Halloween ribbon around the container. It just finishes them off perfectly!