Monday, October 15, 2012

Josh's Elk Hunt 2012

Josh spent all summer getting ready for the hunt this year. He ran almost daily (and ran three 5K's) so he would be in shape for his hike up the mountain. A week before the hunt... he got sick with walking pneumonia. The ONLY argument I could use to get him to the doctor was "your hunt is in four days, if you want to be able to be able to attempt this hike, you better go see a dr." This was after FOUR days of my begging him to go to the doctor.
Of course, the only thing that could keep him from hunting is his own death (and even then, I think he'd find a way around that). So Friday morning, he and his buddy left to go elk hunting. They had planned to stay until Tuesday. Or until they got something.
Saturday was the first day of the hunt. I was jumpy all day long waiting for him to call and say they got one. Instead, they called that afternoon to say they would be home in about 30 minutes. Too many hunters and not enough elk where they were.
They spent the next few days hiking around different areas, but with no luck. Monday evening, his buddy had to head back to work. Josh, of course, had the entire hunt off.
Tuesday, Josh called to say he had decided to hike to another place and spend the night. He was sure he would get one this time. Tuesday night, I was at a furniture store when Josh called to say he got one. I took advantage of the moment and asked if I could buy a coffee table. His response: "Whatever, I got one!" I took that as a yes. They had to order in the coffee table I wanted, but that night I was able to bring home a new sofa table.
That night, he called again around 9:00 to say he would be spending the night. When I questioned him why, he told me it was because he couldn't find his flashlight. I asked if he knew where he had lost it. He told me it was in his back pack. So I asked where his back pack was. He wasn't sure. It was too dark to find his back pack. (This from a man who SWEARS he can go on the mountain alone because he knows everything he needs to be ok.) He had a few matches in his jacket, so he had built a fire and was going to sleep by it, then come home at day light.
He was so cold, he figures he slept for about an hour total. He also slept so close to the fire that it burned holes in his jacket AND the shirt he was wearing underneath. Hopefully, he learned his lesson.
The next morning, he hiked out and was able to take the horses up later to bring it down.

So glad he was able to have another successful year. 

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